Started in 2009 by the enigmatic figure known only as The Potentate, ROACH was a response to a groundswell of Costumed Citizen Superheroes. Primarily those associated with the World Superhero Registry.  Little more than a collection of vagabonds and harlequins looking for an excuse to don silly outfits, these heroes felt that their good intentions were enough to warrant their Superhero status.  Your every day heroes such as Police and Firemen dealt with the rigors of the drug war and warehouse fires. These Superheroes were content on giving sandwiches to the homeless, "inspiring" children, and if they are lucky the occasional citizen's arrest. Hardly super activites. The Potentate felt that one could not be a Superhero without a Super-villain as a foil, and thus The Potentate shouldered the burden of lighting the torch that will ultimately burn the straw houses of heroism to the ground.

And so in an act of defiance The Potentate lured several "Superheroes" to a location via a MySpace meeting message promising a secret show by The Aquabats . When they arrived it was little more than a folding table and a mic stand with The Potentate standing on top of it. He looked down upon the confused few below him and promised them their doom. Then without warning, the homeless person he had paid ran the 10 heroes who showed up down with a dump truck. The Potentate looked down on the mutilated mass of spandex, fedoras, and welders goggles and saw a small cockroach crawl out and begin to feast on remains. And lo, ROACH was born.

Before long a small collection of likeminded individuals began to swell.  A cadre became an army.  Meeting rooms became headquarters.  Laser Pointers shining in the pupils of small time heroes became orbiting Death Rays pointed at the capitals of the world.  The dream that was once ROACH became a reality as a crumbling economy and failed wars sent the masses running for the strong arms and shelter of an organization devoted to success in all arenas. 

ROACH is a vertically integrated engine of mayhem.  Purpose driven, we strive towards no less than the total annihilation of Superheroes and the ensuing control of society left without its defenders.  We offer support and protection to all who pledge allegiance to our cause, and destruction to those who resist. 

ROACH is dedicated to success in the field of excellence.

Ararat Lair

More than just an evil organization, ROACH also is a global employer. While the economy has shrunk worldwide, and unemployment has risen to record highs, ROACH has stayed viable! How do we do this? We don't pay our employees!

We at ROACH have killed many birds with one stone. With our secret headquarters dotted around the world actually being self contained communities built around a centralized workplace, our employees don't have to worry about housing prices, the price of food and gas, education, healthcare, or anything else, as all is provided by ROACH. All you have to do is move your family here and swear total allegiance to our common goal of world domination. The way we see it it's better to get it over with now and not wait until your capitals are turned into a burning pile of rubble before you bow down to us.


Now you may be asking, "I thought this was all about messing with dorks in costumes trying to do good? I'm down with gentle harrasment of weirdos but total global domination, I'm not so sure about that!"

Well, for starters, contradict us again and we'll turn you over to our Medical Research facility! Haha, I'm just kidding! (no i'm not)
But seriously, we at ROACH like to think big. Heroes never see beyond what is in front of their faces. Supervillains, especially the ones at ROACH, think years in advance. So we can see that gentle harrasment of Citizen Heroes will lead to their retaliation, and so on and so forth. So, we decided to skip a few steps and move harrasment straight on to destruction. Then logically, once the heroes of the world are no more, why not just take over the planet. So we here at ROACH have decided to push forward our agenda and just work towards an End Game of world Domination.

I think it also goes without saying that this site is a joke and that if you are the type of person who would really devote their lives to causing mayhem and chaos, and to harming the real heroes of the world then we'd probably want

nothing to do with you.