No matter what your skill set, or the level of your dreams of villainy, we have a position for you. Perhaps you want to lead a department in your city, you can do that. Perhaps you just got laid off from a corporate job and hardcore villainy isn't for you, well, we have positions for you too.

Take a look below and see if you feel you are fit for any of our sectors.


Our ANTS division is perfect for those of you out there who have a background in clerical work, driving trucks, or just keeping things running. We have the need for drivers, secretaries, IT engineers, stockboys (and girls), office managers, and a host of others at any one of our several secret locations. You may need a job, but not want a criminal record as long as your arm, we get that.

So come, be one of our ANTS and keep ROACH running strong!

STING is a project of our science division. A mind control device STING promises to have terrifyingly wonderful results. We are looking for the brightest and best in the fields of Computers, Bio-Engineering, and Nano-technology. If you are tired of being the only guy in the office with a masters or PhD everyone comes to when they can't connect to the network printer, join the STING project and one day make those people walk themselves off the roof!!!


So, you're a sneaky bastard who can't be trusted. Most companies see that as a detriment. Not here at ROACH. We have a division just for you.

Become a spy in TICK and keep tabs on heroes and do-gooders all over the world. You can even go undercover as one. And for the real sociopaths out there, it isn't all collecting information... if Tick was spelled with an A, that A would stand for assasination.


Are you too young for a job, but still want to participate in Supervillainy? Do you have a child yourself that you want to follow in your footsteps and learn the ways of the villain? Has your life been a miserable failure, and you want to keep your spawn from digging into the same rut you did?

Children as young as 4 and as old as 15 can enroll in our LARVA program to get started in the fast paced career of supervillainy! From afternoon programs to month long retreats we take the youth and mold them into tools of terror!!!